Thursday, July 2, 2015

Layering Skins!

Not as gross as it sounds!

It's no revelation, but layering rugs (sheepskins and cowhide, for example), is my new favorite thing. I did it at this staging in San Francisco's Lower Haight neighborhood as an ultra-cool anchor for the room.

Pictured are two IKEA KOLDBY cowhides of similar colors. I did this to fill more space, both literally and visually. Don't you love the beautiful shape it creates? Without furniture, the hundred year old apartment felt a little boxy and cave-like. The organic quality of the skins, plus the Noguchi coffee table, Bells of Ireland (the green flowers on the dining table) and (admittedly fake) tree soften the varying grays and hard lines of the room. Instead of it looking like a couch, chair, and table plopped into a condo, the living room now has a sense of occasion; in other words, it looks like it belongs there, and demands to be appreciated and gawked at!

This look is so achievable. Here's how:

1) GLASS! Glass table tops are your friend in relatively small, multi-use spaces like this. Not to mention that its reflective quality adds major dimension and refinement to darker spaces that suffer from natural light deprivation. 

2) Two IKEA skins. I believe they go for $200 each, and sticking to a neutral color palette like I did allows for more flexibility and therefore a longer life for your investment. 

3) Soften hard lines with PLANTS and organic shapes. 

4) A color story. I stuck with neutral colors for my large pieces, adding in the oranges, reds, golds, and greens in art, pillows, and other accents. 

That's all I have for today! Have fun ~layering skins~ and definitely expect to see more of it from me in the future. ;)